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It shouldn’t be so hard to efficiently run your practice.

Our solutions help you make decisions in real-time, integrate documents with your EHR, and streamline your accounting processes.

Solutions Designed for You

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Use your data to its fullest potential for real-time decision-making, population insights, and evidence-based proof of performance.

Document Management

Seamlessly integrate document management with your EHR system to deliver capture, archive, and retrieval capabilities for all your health care records.

Accounting & ERP

Increase financial control of operations while allowing for more effective decision-making from human resources to supply chain management.

Effective Solutions for Your Practice

At Integrative, we’re committed to providing you with flexible tools and secure, compliant methodologies that increase operational efficiency and accountability, maximize investment, and foster quality outcomes.

"... [Document Management] enhances our quality of care through more timely and thorough information, without the need and risk associated with historic paper flow."
EHR Document Management
Chief Financial Officer
"One thing that I love about the system is that the tools are so neat and easy. All the tables are shared and integration among the products couldn't be better."
ERP Suite for Hospitals
MIS Manager