Electronic records solutions for behavioral and mental health care providers.

Focus on your clients instead of stressing over data management.

Coordinated Care Platform (CCP) is your one-stop solution to manage records, plan patient care, and access data when you need it.

In the current behavioral health climate, there’s so much information to manage about patients, their care plans, and all the associated administrative details. CCP is designed specifically for behavioral and mental health providers to support current needs and grow with you in the future.

Don’t let your records system steal time and attention from your primary role - serving your patients.

Your electronic records system should not make your job harder! A system that’s a poor fit undermines confidence in decisions, making you question if you have all the necessary data. Instead, you need reassurance that records are accurate and accessible when you need them. 

CCP is a comprehensive solution to data management that minimizes pitfalls such as:

Providers We Serve

Our goal is to support behavioral and mental health professionals and organizations in efficient operations and improved patient and client outcomes. Our solutions are at work in many behavioral and mental health care settings that have complex ecosystems demanding highly configurable solutions that work for them, including:

Public and Private Behavioral and Mental Health Providers

We help these providers enhance the quality and efficiency of care and outcomes, while reducing the overall burden of health care costs.

Psychiatric Rehab and
Psychotherapy Organizations

We simplify the mission-critical clinical, practice, and financial management chores common to behavioral and mental health organizations so they can effectively manage client data and automate day-to-day tasks, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Foster Care and Adoption Organizations

We present dedicated features and functions for documentation of family structures, tracking the assignment and movement of children in need, and monitoring and reporting in support of compliance and licensing rules.

Expertise you Need to Succeed

Since 1981 our team has been assisting the behavioral health industry with records management, provider collaboration, and healthcare administration. We designed CCP with features and capabilities to streamline your clinical, financial, and operational workflows.

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Access today to learn more about Electronic Health Records (EHR) and billing solutions.