The affordable way to manage your community hospital’s resources.

Intuitive, integrated digital tools keep the focus on patient care.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system keeps the business side of your hospital running smoothly, so patients receive better care.

ERP is a comprehensive digital solution that streamlines back-office work from HR and payroll, to finance and accounting, to supply chain management and more. Keep better track of your resources to save administrative and supply costs and maximize your investment.

Limited staff and budget mean every resource allocation counts. Incomplete data and metrics only make these decisions more difficult.

ERP supports quality and cost-effective care by helping ensure the right people, materials, and tools are in the right place, at the right time. With all of your resource data in a single place, it’s quick and convenient to assess and plan staffing, supply, and budget needs. 

This one-stop solution minimizes common resource-consuming challenges such as:

Providers We Serve

We understand the unique needs of health care facilities located outside of metropolitan areas, and we designed ERP to exactly fit those needs, at a price point you can afford. ERP is the perfect fit in many settings including:

Community and Rural Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

We provide healthcare ERP tools to aid clinics, hospitals and IDNs with the management and reporting of finance and operations for a healthy bottom line.

Adult, Aging & Senior Services

We empower aging care organizations to provide personalized care to individuals and optimize care collaboration across providers.

Experience and Support for your Success

Since 1981 our team has been assisting the behavioral health industry with records management, provider collaboration, and healthcare administration. We designed CCP with features and capabilities to streamline your clinical, financial, and operational workflows.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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