Public & Community Health

You deserve to manage your practice with ease.

We’ve developed solutions just for public and community health so you can experience fast, accurate, and continuous client and patient management. At the same time, you can use our solutions to streamline your billing and claims management.

Solutions Designed for You

Electronic Health Record

VHN is a secure Web-hosted, highly-configurable, HIPAA-compliant EHR solution built specifically for public health.

Revenue Cycle Management

SMART Health Claims will help increase your medical claims revenue at minimal upfront cost.

Discover our Public Health EHR Solution: Visual Health Net (VHN).

Take a quick tour of key features and functionalities our clients love.

Effective Solutions for Your Practice

At Integrative, we’re committed to providing you with flexible tools and secure, compliant methodologies that increase operational efficiency and accountability, maximize investment, and foster quality outcomes.

"[Their] consultant was integral in helping many of [our] local health agencies initiate billing practices to capture reimbursement for public health services through effective third-party billing."
SMART Health Claims for Public Health
Health Planning Administrator
"Through our partnership, we have streamlined the billing process and increased reimbursement rates throughout the state."
SMART Health Claims for Public Health
Executive Director