5 Health IT Solutions that Increase the Value of Employee Time

At the heart of any successful healthcare organization is its employees. In order to operate effectively, a practice’s employees must work with the utmost efficiency, cutting out any unnecessary tasks and costs where possible. 

Having said that, it can be difficult for management to find the areas where employees could be saving their time and effort. Luckily, there are a number of health IT solutions that can both identify where time can be saved as well as what administrative tasks and processes can be streamlined. With the right tools implemented, your practice will notice significant swings in productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, quality of patient care. 

Here are 5 health IT solutions that can increase the value of employee time in your medical practice: 

1: Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are one of the most popular and effective IT tools that are used in healthcare facilities. An EHR is able to completely digitize a patient’s medical records and store them in a single, HIPAA-compliant location that is easily accessible for your staff while safely securing your patient’s info. 

The EHR helps save your practice time by allowing employees to quickly and easily access a patient’s medical history. The less time that employees have to spend shifting through records, the more time they’re able to spend with patients and improve the quality of care they provide. 

2: Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

Another effective health IT solution is Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP). ERP software is a great tool that’s designed to help your practice manage both material and human resources with utmost efficiency. 

One benefit of ERP software is that it allows you to improve supply chain management by tracking inventory and letting you easily reorder materials you need. The software also ensures that your staff has the necessary resources for their department needs and that everything is being allocated appropriately. 

On the financial side, ERP software lets you keep track of accounts payable and non-patient accounts receivable so that you can boost the accuracy of reporting while simultaneously streamlining the accounting process. 

3: Medical Billing Software

When it comes to billing, the right software can do wonders for your organization’s workflow. Medical billing software streamlines your practice’s price calculations and saves your staff time from having to calculate costs manually.

Billing software also delivers invoices to patients electronically at the click of a button, saving significantly more time than if they were being sent by traditional mail. This ensures that patients will receive their bill in a timely manner and removes any risks such as mail getting lost or going to the wrong address. On top of that, patients can pay their bill electronically, so they don’t have to send in a physical check.

4: e-Prescribing

Nowadays, having e-prescribing software is a must for any medical organization that wants to improve its efficiency. This software lets your staff quickly enter prescriptions and digitally send them to patients’ pharmacies of choice. 

E-prescribing software not only allows patients to receive their medications sooner, but it also reduces the chance of any errors that can come with handwritten prescriptions. In addition, your practice will have a permanent digital record of each prescription which can be easily accessed at any time. 

5: Time and Workflow Management

There are a number of time and workflow management IT solutions that can increase the efficiency and value of employee time in your practice. These systems help you keep track of processes in your organization and identify how much time is being spent on each task. This allows you to see where there’s room for improvement and which tasks can be streamlined. 

You can also use these IT solutions to evaluate your employees’ performances based on the data and analytics that are provided. This presents you with the ability to set appropriate benchmarks and further motivate your employees to reach these benchmarks. 

Get Better Health IT Solutions for Your Organization

Whether you’re looking to speed up the billing process, store patient records digitally, or streamline your administrative tasks, Integrative provides health IT solutions that are designed to increase efficiency in any modern healthcare organization. 

As the leading provider of innovative health IT software solutions to support hospitals throughout the United States, we aim to increase the value of your employees’ time so that they can focus on improving patient care. 

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