Coordinated Care Approach Rocks Bancroft World



Bancroft is a leading regional non-profit provider of programs and services for individuals with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and those in need of neurological rehabilitation. They provide opportunities to children and adults with diverse challenges to maximize their potential.


Founded in 1883 and based in New Jersey, Bancroft is a pioneer in offering intellectual and developmental services and established one of the first schools in the country for children with intellectual disabilities.

They offer a comprehensive range of services such as neurological rehabilitation, special education, vocational training and supported employment, structured day programs, campus and community living programs, and behavioral supports for both children and adults.

Having 200+ facilities and homes across New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania and Delaware, and more than 2,500 dedicated staff positively impacting thousands of lives each year, Bancroft needed to replace its manual processing and paper charting to automate, optimize and measure its clinical, financial and operational processes. Their goals were to consolidate all key processes into one system and streamline day-to-day operations with an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solution.


In supporting Bancroft’s vision to provide “a community where every individual has a voice, a purpose and a rightful place in society,” the Integrative team implemented CCP to seamlessly connect Bancroft clinical and operational staff in three states. Using a phased implementation approach, roll-out was on a per-program basis, beginning with the NeuroRehab program comprising15 residential facilities, and then extending to the Pediatric and Adolescent division with 20 group homes.

Where the agile implementation approach was right in line with Bancroft’s business plans and goals, the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a platform also complemented their training needs. Bancroft sought a system that was exceptionally geared to meet their functional requirements without customization and yet easy for their thousands of personnel to learn. They had the perfect environment to take CCP right out-of-the-box and get started, enabling them to provide better care and a higher quality of service to the people that they serve that much faster.

For example, CCP has effectively created a whole new operating world for the Bancroft NeuroRehab program, which includes outpatient and residential treatment for people who have experienced strokes, automobile accidents, falls, etc. Formerly, the program’s 40 licensed providers manually filled out paper forms and filed them with administration, which then passed them to billing.

The manual process was burdensome and made it difficult to share information throughout the continuum of care.

With CCP, clinicians can create Care Plans electronically with system alerts to keep administrative supervisors advised of work in process to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner. Moreover, lines of revenue are automatically generated from recorded, billable services for claims management through the integrated billing back-end. The Bancroft NeuroRehab program can now process more than 1,000 transactions a month. In the telling words of the organization’s ITS Project Manager,

Bob Stokes, Bancroft “went from the Stone Age to the 21st century in only 6 months.”


“We knew moving to an electronic platform was necessary in order for us to thrive and even survive,”explained Fina Nash, Vice President of Information Technology at Bancroft. Since implementing CCP, Bancroft now has real, tangible Return on Investment (ROI). The solution has enabled Bancroft’s staff to be more efficient and allowed them to spend more time with the people that they serve. Progress notes are higher quality and they’ve eliminated 80% of the administrative work. This has in turn enabled Bancroft to repurpose clerical work in favor of higher value tasks.

CCP has had a positive impact on the Bancroft back office as well. In the past, their billing practice was 100% outsourced to a third-party. Thanks to the integrated billing component, Bancroft has brought billing back in-house. They can submit and process claims daily without the end of the month nightmare. “We now have a much better idea of our Accounts Receivable – no more mystery,” said Stokes. And the organization expects to see significant improvement in their cash flow.

Not only are the staff more efficient with CCP, but they have created a premier organization that utilizes technology effectively. When consumers or their guardians are searching for a service, they quickly come to realize Bancroft is providing better information and higher quality analytics while being more cost-efficient. This fits perfectly with Bancroft’s service philosophy. They provide an extraordinary service to extraordinary people and cannot imagine doing it any other way.

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