San Francisco Public Health Selects SMART Health Claims


Decatur, GA — Integrative, a leading provider of electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle management technology to Health and Human Services and community providers, announced today that the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) Adult Immunization and Travel Clinic selected SMART Health Claims for health care claims billing software and services.

Founded in 1999 and open to the general public, the Adult Immunization and Travel Clinic is a full service travel medicine provider, offering vaccinations, anti-malaria medications, and health advice for international travelers. They are experts in travel medicine, provide a variety of immunizations for adults and children, manage onsite flu clinics (at businesses, organizations and schools), and perform a range of related testing, e.g., for Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, etc. They see thousands of patients each year.

An established service in San Francisco, the Adult Immunization and Travel Clinic has long employed a homegrown Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for patient encounter management. With SMART Health Claims, clinic staff will now perform Web-based eligibility verification to validate a patient’s insurance, significantly reducing claims denial due to lack of coverage at the time of service. Using secure electronic data sharing, the clinic will additionally export billable encounters from their EMR to the SMART Health Claims team for all aspects of claims processing.

Providing outsourced billing services in the USA, Integrative’s knowledgeable and experienced billing specialists are in turn charged with reviewing the clinic’s patient charge entry, processing and submitting claims securely (HIPAA 5010) via online clearinghouse, posting payments, monitoring Accounts Receivable, following-up on payer denials including correcting and resubmitting claims as needed, providing full balance billing and collections services for maximum possible revenue, and supplying a variety of transaction reports for accounta- bility.

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