Electronic Health Record

Behavioral & Mental Health Electronic Health Record

Web-based CCP and Epitomax are designed just for behavioral and mental health. They help providers improve care quality and outcomes, eliminate duplicative services, reduce administrative overhead, and increase financial accountability.


CCP is best suited for larger, multisite and multidisciplinary behavioral and mental health organizations with more complex needs.

It provides a 360° view for true care coordination and collaboration among clinicians, organizations, and the people they serve. This allows behavioral and mental health providers to tailor care to the individual, better coordinate services, and ensure program compliance while maximizing sustainable revenue.




Epitomax is ideal for those looking to seamlessly combine electronic health records, practice management, and billing in a single enterprise database system at a lower total cost of ownership.

It is designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of behavioral and mental healthcare, emphasizing, but not limited to, substance abuse and addiction treatment.

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