Integrative, a Harris Healthcare company, empowers 16 of 18 Georgia Health Districts’ WIC voucher programs addressing the infant formula shortage!


Niagara Falls, NY (June 16, 2022): Integrative, a Harris Healthcare company, is pleased to announce the rapid release of enhancements to its Visual HealthNet (VHN) public health electronic health record (EHR) solution to support 16 of 18 Georgia Health Districts in making available through their Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Nutrition Programs a voucher system to help address the current infant formula shortage. The voucher system ensures that the appropriate State of Georgia’s WIC participants, including infants from 0 to 2 years of age, along with post-partum mothers, receive the baby formula they desperately need during the shortage and ensure everyone is paid or reimbursed accordingly during the process according to recommendations from the USDA.

“When we received the urgent phone call from Georgia Department of Public Health CIO Michael From on Saturday evening to provide enhancements to our VHN solution by the following Monday to support the release of their new WIC infant formula voucher system, our team immediately responded over the weekend and even from vacation,” stated Integrative EVP David Gersh. “Our hearts go out to the low-income families especially impacted by the current shortage. I’m proud of our team’s committed effort to making a difference to those most in need during this crisis.”

The VHN enhancements ensure expanding the issuance of store brand infant formulas, providing for alternate formulas and/or non-contract formulas, allowing for small quantities of existing formulas, and decreasing the number of cans of formula listed on any one voucher. Also, VHN determines the eligibility and amount of vouchers appropriate for the Health Districts, and supplies those vouchers to their WIC participants.

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