You shouldn’t have to spend time and money on tools that don’t actually work for you, and you shouldn’t have to go without systems that can automate your workflow and make your job easier.

That’s why we developed effective solutions that really work — so we could help thousands of providers just like you improve day-to-day practice management.

Find the Right Solutions for Your Organization

We provide software and services built for all manner of healthcare so you can have the right solutions for your organization — nothing more, nothing less!

Behavioral & Mental Health

Improve care quality and outcomes; increase financial accountability; reduce administrative overhead; and eliminate duplicative services.

Public Health

Experience fast, accurate, and continuous client and patient management while streamlining your billing and claims management.

All Healthcare

Make decisions in real-time, integrate documents with your EHR, and accelerate your accounting processes.

Experience-Driven Solutions

A Team That’s Been There

Over half our staff has worked in health and human services, so they understand exactly where you’re at and what you need.

The Data You Need, When You Need It

Built by practitioners, our EHR solutions enable you to stay in federal and state reporting compliance with easy, secure access to your own data.

A Long-Term Partner

We’re dedicated to long-term partnerships, meaning we’re here for you now and in the future.